4 months and a Zoloft check

11 Jun

Emberly had her 4 month check-up yesterday (5 days early. It still counts!) Everything’s looking good. She’s a whopping 10 lbs 9 1/2 ounces and 22 inches long. Yep, a shorty just like her mom. He said she’s about a 1/2 inch shorter than he thinks she should be at this point, but no need to worry. While he said we don’t have to start pulling at her legs yet, we need to make sure not to weigh down her head 😉 Man I’m going to miss this doctor. I still tell him that he WILL NOT be moving in August. Apparently he needs to do what’s best for his family. Seriously, priorities doc. I don’t think he understands that Britt said no more kids, especially since this doctor won’t be here to deliver. And with the birth I had with Emberly, there’s no way I could make a 3 hour drive to have him perform the next one.
He did look around Emberly’s mouth after I told him of the new night awakenings. No teeth budding yet, but he said she appears to be teething. Gotta love the drool, red cheeks and chewing on her little fingers. He suggested we try some Baby Orajel and feeding her rice cereal before bedtime. Looks like we’re getting ready to start real foods! Exciting.
As for me, he asked how the Zoloft was going. I said pretty good. I no longer cry every day! I still feel a need to read sad blogs and feel what they’re feeling, but I don’t cry. He thought that was good. He was also impressed that I started blogging for therapy. He said that since I had such a quick “recovery” with the Zoloft that I probably won’t need to be on it for the 6 months he was thinking. Instead, he wants to see me again in a month and probably take me off then. Great! Right? To tell you the truth, it kind of scares me. I like the way I feel on Zoloft. I feel more in control of my emotions. I don’t want to have to depend on a drug, but I like it. Maybe he can just call the pharmacy and have them give me a placebo pill.
If things go as he plans, I may need to purchase stock in Mt. Dew as I see myself needing to self medicate in the next month or so.


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