Knock on Wood

15 Jun

Emberly’s sleeping has improved. We haven’t started rice cereal yet (hopefully tonight, we just had busy days this weekend) but Saturday she woke up once for her pacifier and Sunday she ate one ounce we had left over from her dinner at about 1:30.
I think the kicker was that she finally rolled over from her back to her stomach. She’s been teasing us for the last week or two rolling on to her side and then back on to her back. Friday night she started putting her face in to it. She’d roll her face into the blanket but just wasn’t getting there. My MIL had the audacity to say, “I hope she waits and rolls over while you’re camping next week and I’m watching her. Then you can be jealous.” Um, bitch. Comments like that make it even more difficult for me to leave Emberly for four days with her. Thank god for cell phones.
Anyways, while I was doing the morning dishes Saturday, Britt yells, “Babe!!” I look over expecting something stupid to be on tv, but he had that glee on his face. I knew it must be something exciting. As I look down at Emberly, she rolls back on to her back…again. Britt freaked her out when he yelled at me. She looked at him, then decided she’d practice this whole rolling over thing again. Within a few more attempts, she made it over. And after a few more minutes, she had her arm out from underneath her. At that moment, Britt and I just stared at each other overcome with joy with how amazing our daughter was (b/c you know she’s the first baby to ever roll over, right?) and with fear. We both said, “now we’re screwed! She’s on the move.” No more leaving her on the changing table as I use the bathroom or wash my hands. Nope. No more of her being content with just the small blanket on the floor for her to play on. Oh no. Now I’m going to have to constantly worry about what’s on the floor. I’m going to have to actually vacuum consistently…regularly. We’re in for it now, but we couldn’t be more excited.
And now that I’ve published this and told people that she’s sleeping better, you know I will be up three times tonight with her. That’s okay, she’s got a lot of exciting things going on now and if I were her, I’d be too excited to sleep too!


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