Wish me luck

17 Jun

We’re leaving on a camping trip tomorrow morning. Emberly will be staying at home with Grandma. We will be gone Thursday-Sunday. I don’t know if I’ll survive. Luckily my sisters will be with me to keep me occupied. I know it will be good for all of us to have some time away. Britt and I will be able to just enjoy each other and adult time (along with a few beverages) while Emberly will get to play with a new face. I’m sure she’s tired of our shenanigans. I feel good that she will have fun and not hate us upon return. I keep telling myself that this will help expand her mind. She’ll be used to other people and hopefully won’t freak out any other time we have to leave her in the future. I’m sure it’s all a bunch of hogwash, but it makes me feel better. I never wanted to be one of those moms that never leaves their kid overnight for their first 12 years of life. I just don’t feel that’s healthy for anyone. Of course, people probably think I’m crazy leaving Emberly so soon for so long. Oh well. To each their own. Just pray that she smiles at me upon return instead of insta-crying at the sight of me.
Oh, and wish me luck that I actually enjoy some of the time away and don’t spend it solely missing her.


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