It feels like forever

24 Jun

but it’s only been a week since my last post. We survived the camping trip. Although, I’m a little concerned that MIL may not have survived the babysitting. I made the mistake of calling her on Friday. She said, “I didn’t realize how active babies were.” Oh shit. You’ve got to be kidding me. She tried to make me feel good saying that Emberly was having a little trouble sleeping and whatever but because, “She knows hon. She knows you’re not here and that things are different.” Thanks. And quit calling me hon. All that did was make me feel worse for leaving her. Luckily my sisters were with me so they took my mind off of it and reminded me how over dramatic MIL can be. I know she meant well but sometimes I think she just doesn’t think.
In the end, everything turned out fine. Emberly’s still alive and MIL doesn’t resent her. However, I think we’re dealing with Emberly coming down off of the spoil train. She wouldn’t sleep well for MIL and I think that’s b/c MIL wouldn’t let her cry. She ended up swaddling Emberly on the couch to sleep at night. I’m pretty sure she reacted to the first breath before a cry out of Emberly’s mouth. So now, we have a baby who will go to sleep just fine, but wake up around 2 and 4 wanting to be held and rocked back to sleep. Not good. To top it off, I think she’s going through a growth spurt, or harboring food for a freak winter we don’t know about. Two nights ago, she ate 13 ounces before going to bed. One would think that with a belly that full, she’d be comatose. Nope. Up at 2, then again at 4:30. In order to let Britt get some much needed sleep, I had to bring her out and feed her at the 4 o’clock wakings. And of course, after about 5-10 minutes of eating she was sound asleep. Being the gracious wife that I am 😉 I decided to just hold her the last two mornings to that she wouldn’t wake up when I set her down. Brilliant, right? Except for the fact that I tried to catch a few more minutes of shut eye and have now ruined my neck. It is so out of place I don’t think any two vertebra are aligned. Of course I’m too cheap to go to the chiropractor. It’s loosening up, but I think it might take awhile. And it’s so out of place it’s making my throat a little sore. Fun times. Would I change it for anything, never! I know this is just a phase (right? please tell me it will stop soon) and in a few months we’ll be looking back trying to remember what happened then. It’s just hard at times for Britt to realize that at times. (4:30 in the morning to be exact.) I think he’s afraid that she will start getting in to this routine and not grow out of it for years. Poor guy doesn’t function on lack of sleep.
The thing that’s worrying me the most is that she’s still hungry in the middle of the night. We’ve started adding about an ounce of rice cereal to her formula/breast milk bottles, but I guess it’s not cutting it. I think I’ll try adding even more tonight. She’s starting to get used to the spoon. We’ve tried feeding her just the rice a few times. She wants the spoon in her mouth, but she’s still trying to figure out what to do with the rice. She finally swallowed one spoonful last night and that was it. It’s amazing how much we take for granted. Think about it as you eat today. Imagine not knowing what to do with the hamburger once it’s in your mouth. Luckily my stomach’s brilliant and would never let me not swallow food ;). Of course, think of how we’d have no obesity issues if every time we ate our mouths just kind of pawed at what was inside, spitting out 3/4s of it. Wait! I think I’ve found the cure. I’m not going to teach Emberly how to fully eat. I mean, it won’t totally be an eating disorder, right? More like a new age eating style. What do you think?


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