We have an oinker!

9 Jul

Apparently Emberly’s a food snob. Ever since going mostly off of my breast milk, she’s been hitting the bottle heavier than an alcoholic at happy hour. She ate 19 ounces yesterday at daycare alone! I guess mom’s cookin’ isn’t good enough. Which really, I think that may get me out of actual cooking, right? How shocked is the dr going to be when we show up to our 6 month check-up weighing 25 pounds? Maybe now she’ll make it out of the 5th percentile for everything. “Oh, was she early?” No! Apparently she’s petite ::) Didn’t get that one from her mom.
On another positive note, she’s been sleeping pretty well at night. If she does get up, she usually cries herself back to sleep in less than 4 minutes! Score! That makes for one rested and happy mudder. AND when you combine the extra sleep with the now legal Mt. Dew…I’m in HEAVEN!!! Still, if that bastard dr takes my Zoloft away tomorrow, we might be singing a different tune.
Speaking of tunes, I sing two songs to Embers before bed every nights. Usually it’s just one verse each, unless I’m feeling creative and come up with my own lyrics. And since my mind completely blanks when I try to come up with any childhood songs, these two have been on the playlist for the last few weeks: You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I really need to brush up on my music, unless you think she may like me to sing My Chemical Romance…maybe in a few years.
So, in order to save Emberly from my ridiculous song writing and inappropriate songs, why don’t you suggest something that would be kosher for bedtime. (BTW, am I the only one that totally thinks of pickles whenever kosher is said?)


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