Saw Dr.Awesome Yesterday

14 Jul

Great news! I get to continue my crutch Zoloft! And even though Dr.Awesome is moving away, without MY blessing mind you, he said I can call in for refills when I run out. I don’t plan to stay on these forever, I just don’t feel like I’m quite ready to be sans happy pills.  I’ve noticed in the last week or so that I’ve gotten a bit short and crabby after work. Now, as you may recall, I’ve been taking Zoloft at night to help lessen the transfer to Emberly when she was breastfeeding. Well, since I’m lazy no longer doing that (BTW, strikethrough is so much fun!) Dr.Awesome suggested that I take it first thing in the morning. And really, who isn’t crabby in the morning before their stimulant of choice is consumed? So today was my first day doing that. Tonight will be the true test if my crabbiness was due to my pill timing or just dealing with my husband.

Continuing on with Dr.Awesome news, I need to get sick or hurt as much as possible in the next month and a half. Dr.Awesome’s last day is near the end of August. I don’t think he realizes that we’re not going to allow him to leave yet. Hope his family isn’t too mad when we slash the moving truck’s tires. That’s not wrong, right? So, barring a fluke accident or sickness, I only get to see Dr.Awesome one more time before he leaves. That time will be Emberly’s 6 month check up! Holy shit, you read that right. 6 months. Where does time go? My dad said yesterday in response to me being shocked that my baby is almost half a year old, “Yeah, and in another six months she’ll be starting school. And in a year and a half she’ll be graduating.” It’s so true though. I always thought adults were full of it when I was younger, saying that time would go even faster once I was out of school. Turns out, they actually knew a thing or two.

Focus! Sorry, my Mt. Dew isn’t kicking in yet. Back to the topic at hand, Dr.Awesome. With the technologies we have now-a-days, he surely should be willing to diagnose me over the phone/internet, right? Or maybe I could just send him an email with my symptoms and what I think I have 😉 (I’m good at that. I’m sure he appreciates me telling him what I have) then he could just call to my local pharmacy my prescription. And let’s discuss how another pregnancy would go. I’m thinking he’ll need access to a private jet. The way the last labor went, we’re not going to have time to drive 2 1/2 to 3 hours for him to deliver. I don’t think Dr.Awesome’s family put in to consideration that they’re forcing Emberly to be an only child! Rude! Britt said if Dr.Awesome isn’t going to be my prenatal doctor, there will be no more babies. Moving is just such a selfish thing. I did offer to help him “pack.” However, I warned that I’d probably take more stuff OUT of the boxes than I would put in (anything to get them to stay). For some reason, he didn’t go for that.

The more I talk to Dr.Awesome, the more I think he may actually be going through with this move. Maybe I need to have a moving intervention with his family. Do you think A&E can get to BFE, Colorado on short notice? I can picture it now, they’ll show clips of the family tripping over boxes, looking haphazardly for the packing tape, passing out on the moving boxes from sheer exhaustion. Sounds like an award winning episode to me. Now I just need to decide which interventionist to have conduct it, Candy or Ken?


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