My mom’s better than your mom!

15 Jul

No really. Okay, I guess I don’t necessarily know your mom, but still. Mine rocks. This weekend she was presented an award from our alma mater. My parents met at college and eventually, us three daughters attended the same school. Anyways, my mom was presented the Alumni Achievement Award for her awesome teaching skills…and b/c she’s unbelievably caring.  Seriously, she actually cut up my sopapilla at lunch later that day while I was feeding Ems so I could eat at the same time, all without being asked. Yep, that’s how awesome my mom is. Now, since this college is a Catholic University, naturally the award presentation took place in church after mass. Stellar, right? I’m sure you can tell I’m a real church goer 😉 Since we somehow manage to be busy every Sunday morning, Emberly has never been to mass. She did pretty well. I only had to leave the church once b/c she was getting her tired crankiness. I returned just in time to miss throwing money in to the offering. DANGIT! I guess they’ll just have to make do with my boatload of student loans.

Normally Emberly is happy go lucky, like this:

not so happy

Oops, I meant this:


She was peacefully asleep when I went up to take/get/accept communion. (Don’t judge me, I needed a little wine to carry me through the rest of mass. Ems had a FULL diaper and I couldn’t fish out a new one from the bottom of the stroller during church!) Now, the first priest blessed her and she didn’t even flinch. On to the second priest with the coveted wine! At this point, my heart is full. I feel good that Emberly is being blessed by priests and that she may get into heaven after all. Although, I’m pretty sure she’s got a first class seat there just for having to deal with us as parents. So on to the next blessing of the peaceful baby.  Blah blah blah Amen and what does the sleeping peaceful Emberly do, start coughing! That’s not a good sign is it? My BIL turned around once we reached our seats and said, “Uh-oh.” Maybe she will get to spend the afterlife with us after all!

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