Good intentions

17 Jul

I had every intention on writing a good entry for today. Alas, I have overdosed on caffeine and can’t stop shaking or actually completing a thought. Wait, I just completed a thought!! Woot woot! (Never mind that it took me 2 minutes to write that sentence.)
So, to hold you over until my award winning post on Monday, here are a few things to consider:

  • How many calories do you burn while jittering your foot against your sandle from aforementioned caffeine overdose?
  • Would said jittering be considered exercise?
  • When drug dealers cut their drugs with formula, do they pay attention to the nutritional labels?
  • Do drug dealers use formula checks?
  • Do you think drug dealers use the recommended dosage of one scoop per 2 ounces?
  • If drug dealers really did pay attention to the nutritional labels, aren’t they really doing their buyers a solid? I mean, they’re making sure they get their needed vitamins and what not, right?
  • Has there ever been an intervention for someone who leads too many interventions?
  • Would a show where people have interventions for reality show creators be hypocritical?
  • If Superman worked at a hospital, would he bill separately for performing an x-ray and reading it?
  • Is Catwoman capable of performing CATscans?
  • Why don’t they have you bring your pets to the hospital when you’re getting a PETscan? Seems like false advertising to me.
  • Why aren’t there DOGscans? Discrimination much

Alright, that’s enough crazy to hold you over until Monday!

2 Responses to “Good intentions”

  1. eden July 20, 2009 at 4:47 pm #

    Oh my GOD that was so funny! And mate, I know funny … that was FUNNY. I had no idea that drug dealers cut their drugs with formula! I think it’s a great idea … they get extra profit, while the junkies get some nutritional benefits. Win-win.

    Jealous of your sandal-tapping … aint no sandals on down here, it’s farkin freezing.

    Lastly, I love your blog title. LOVE.

    Have added you to my reader.

  2. kdsnowpixi July 22, 2009 at 6:09 pm #

    Here’s another wonder for you – Why do men have nipples? No one has been able to answer this to my satistfaction yet. 🙂

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