4 Sep

I should really get my butt in gear with posting. I guess I keep thinking that whatever I post needs to be witty and intelligent and let’s face it, that takes a lot of work from me 😉
Life has been going pretty well. Dr. Awesome has finally moved on 😦 but we hope the new doctor that is replacing him is just as awesome. I’ll find out come next Tuesday. I’m meeting with her to discuss IUDs and maybe some anti-anxiety pills. I’m over this whole period thing. It’s annoying and ridiculous.
As far as the anxiety thing, I just don’t know. The Zoloft has made things better, I’m no longer crying for unexplained reasons. However, I still have this overabundance of fear that I am going to lose Emberly. It gets to the point where it will consume my thinking and make me cry (notice now I’m crying for a reason, not just to cry 🙂 ) One of my friends recently commented and mentioned anti-anxiety meds. Funny that I’ve never contemplated those before. I guess I always just figured it was depression and nothing more. (You know, I don’t like that sentence and I’m not going to rewrite it. Depression is a huge thing that needs to be more widely recognized and respected. What I meant, is that I thought it was my regular depression that is easily handled with talking with people and meds. I think this is more.) So, I will break in this new doctor with all of my craziness and we’ll see how she does. Hopefully I’ll have a full report come Wednesday. Bear with me people, I’ll get my ass together and be here to entertain you more frequently. Until then, tootles!

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