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1 vs. 100

8 Oct

A debate has been occurring almost daily at our house. Some people just know from the beginning what their stance is, others’ view changes with time. Our debate: should we have more children?
From a young age, I always knew I wanted 2 kids. A boy and a girl, naturally ::) I loved having sisters even though they can still irritate the crap out of me AND were evil to me when I was growing up. I’m the youngest of 3 girls, my lucky lucky father 😉 Anyhoo, I love the bond my sisters and I have. I can tell them practically anything and know I’m going to get a genuine heartfelt response…or told I’m an idiot, but still from the heart. There’s just such a special connection between siblings.

Britt feels a bit differently. When we first talked about children, he agreed that two would be nice. Of course, we had to have them by the time he was 30. Well, a few health/infertility issues with me to pass a few good years by, and we luckily have Emberly just one month and 6 days before Britt’s 30th birthday. Just under the gun. Not too sure what he would’ve done if I were due in late March but something tells me he’d still be wrapped around her finger. Britt has an older half brother (10 years apart) and a younger full brother (4 years apart). You could say he’s close to his younger brother, but I know he gets irritated with him more than not AND isn’t real thrilled with the person he’s become. I think that’s put a huge damper on his wanting two kids. I asked him if he could picture his life without either of his brothers, he said easily. That’s sad.

Fueling Britt’s only child belief are the recent findings of Autism. What was a scary 1 in 150 percentage, has now been blown to 1 in 91. Of course, we all need to keep in mind that this is a spectrum disorder AND fairly new to be diagnosed, so how accurate are those results?And let’s not get started on how much more a 2nd child would cost. I know, I know, we can use pretty much the same things that Emberly has with the 2nd, but that doesn’t include formula, more diapers (we use clothe but would need even more), DAYCARE!

I feel like I’m rambling. Long story short, what do you think the pros and cons are of single child families vs having siblings?  Were you an only child? What did you like about it? Would you go back and have a sibling if you could? Help me out here people.