Sing, Sing a Song

6 Nov

Make it last…all day long…

I was talking with some friends recently about the whole depression thing. It’s hard to tell when you’re on the road back to happiness. One sure clue that we all agreed on, you start singing again. I didn’t really notice it while I was deeper in to my depression, but now that my sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds, the singing is returning. I’m not back to full boar quite yet, but I do find myself humming along to a few tunes a day, even breaking out a line or two while driving in the car. It’s a great feeling when you notice that you’re back on track. The end of the depression roller coaster is nearing. I know I’ll never be able to get completely off the ride, but the hills will be easier and the twists and turns enjoyable. Happiness is a great thing. We each deserve a little in our lives.
So go out today and promise me you’ll sing at least one line of a song at the top of your lungs. Do it in the car so that people passing by will see how much fun you’re having. This, in turn, will pass along the happiness. Come on people, make it your one random act of kindness for the day! It’s so easy. You’re doing something for yourself WHILE giving others a laugh.


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