A Sincere Thank You

11 Nov

to all the men, women, and families that dedicate their lives to protecting our freedom. I live in awe thinking of how amazing these people are. They ask nothing in return. And yet, so often they are not supported and recognized the way they should be. I’m just as guilty as the rest of us. Only posting about this on the ONE day that is for them. One day, truly not enough. Imagine a world if they only protected us ONE day a year. Thank you for making our lives possible. Thank you for sacrificing yours. Let us all start paying it forward in honor of our military today.

I want to take a moment to also thank an amazing little girl, Maddie. Today is her second birthday. And while she won’t be blowing out candles or eating cream puffs, she will continue to inspire thousands of people. It’s a horrible price your parents, family and friends have to pay living without you Maddy. However, you have changed the lives of millions, including mine. Your short life has brought meaning to so many others. Every day I think of you and your family, how amazing you are. You have made me love my child even more. You have shown all of us just how precious every minute is. You have given every one a reason to smile just by looking at a picture your mother has taken of you. You have made us cry by seeing the longing your parents have to be with you once again. But most of all, YOU have made this world a better place. Your journey may be complete in your physical body, but you will continue to impact millions of lives. Your parents are continuing to do an amazing job raising you, raising knowledge about what meant so much to them. Your legacy will continue on with Friends of Maddie and the awareness your life has brought to the amazing March of Dimes. A deep deep sob filled thank you goes to you, your parents, your family, and the tons of friends that no longer get to hold you and love on you. Their sacrifice has impacted not only my life, but my entire families.


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