Guess what!

5 Apr

I’m still here. Shocker, I know. For some reason, I’m never around the computer when I feel like writing. And when I am on the computer, I’m too “busy” looking up new blogs to read. Pitiful, I know. I’m not even going to promise to try harder, so there.

In other news, Emberly is now starting to venture for steps away from furniture on her own. That makes me happy and sad all at once. Everyone keeps asking if she’s walking or talking yet. I usually reply, “Well, she’s working on it, but I’m not rushing her. Soon enough we’ll be wanting her to sit down and shut up, so I’ll take my time wishing for her to get bigger.”

I would like to thank @blogdangerously for making my long week last week a bit more enjoyable. However, my husband may not appreciate all of the shopping I want to do now.


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