28 Jul

Since quitting the Zoloft (in reality since starting it), I’ve been wanting to get my body back. It’s gotten a little too squishy for my liking. Naturally, I’ve put off and put off and put off and put off some more starting an actual exercise regimen. I can’t just JUMP into this people. It takes a lot of planning and what not (‘what not’ here is more of this thing others refer to as motivation.)
I was all amped up to write a post feeling sorry for myself and how I have no friends and how when I go to golf league all of my friends from high school who have been hanging out since high school know all these people and their husbands all hang out and I don’t know anything and somehow manage to feel like I’m in high school again walking the halls with no one saying hi to me and blah blah blah everyone tell me how awesome I am please. But then my bestest friend from high school mentioned that she’s started running in the mornings by herself. So of course, two birds with one stone, I invited myself along! Today was my first day “running” with her. We went for a total of 1 1/2 miles TOTAL. (yes I know I used the word ‘total’ twice in that sentence. I just wanted you guys to be aware of the fact that while I didn’t RUN the full 1 1/2 miles, I did EXERCISE for 1 1/2 miles.) So now I have the endorphins running through my body and I’m all excited because we’re meeting again tomorrow morning to do it again. And now I feel all happy because I have a friend, an exercise partner AND an actual exercise programish! Woot woot! Come on skinny clothes that have been hiding out in my dresser since I quit breastfeeding Emberly. Would it be awkward if I started pumping my boobies in order to burn more calories?


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