Let’s move on to something happier, shall we?

19 Aug

I figured it’s time for a post talking about some of the positive things going on right now. In other words, this will not be a post about how Emberly is CONSTANTLY screaming and hitting me, throwing fit and slamming herself on the floor. It will also not be a post about how my husband can be a bigoted asshole at times either complaining about children’s programming and the way they force kids to be bilingual or say “yo” all the time (ie: Yo Gabba Gabba which when pointed out that they rarely say ‘yo’ on that show except when referencing the title, gets me even more nonsensical reasons as to why it’s annoying. Bravo jackass). Yeah, this post is not going to be about those things! (did you like how I still managed to talk about those things so I could get them off my chest yet not make them the focal point?! I’m kind of awesome like that.)
Now, on to the positives!! And sense bullet points seem profession  and fun at the same time, let’s continue with those.

  • Emberly pooped in the toiled last night…ON PURPOSE!!! She started taking her diaper off and saying “poopy.” Britt told her to go to the toilet if she really had to go, so she trotted herself to the bathroom. I held her up on the seat (I’m cheap and figured there’s no way we’re close to potty training, so we are now in the market for a potty chair). She farted a few times, which is still funny I think, and I figured she was confused as to what ‘poopy’ meant. Then, lo and behold, SHIT! Corn-laden poopy shot forth in to the toilet on a mission! It was breathtaking in more ways than one. Britt even got teary eyed b/c of how big Emberly is getting, not the stench.
  • Emberly’s cousin, Jade, has put her on the Finding Nemo bandwagon. A few days ago, before Britt returned home from a conference, Emberly grabbed the remote for the tv. While delicately shoving it in my face, she repeated over and over, “Nemo! Nemo! NEMO!!!!!!” Naturally, I told her, “No, that’s a REMOTE not Nemo.” Kids can be so unsmart sometimes. Upon further “Nemo” demands, I decided I’d distract her with a movie that was already in the dvd player. Finding Nemo luckily distracted her from mispronouncing “remote.” I think we’ll work on our pronunciation next week.
  • Emberly is clothed diapered, however, she does have some disposable swim diapers. She found my stashing place (the chaise lounge in the living room) and grabbed one. While pointing at the picture on the front of the diaper, she repeated, “Dori! Dori!” Sadly, it was a picture of Nemo.  I thought this was going to be a positive list, but the more I type, the more I wonder just how unadvanced my 18 month old is! I mean, hello?! NEMO is not REMOTE and DORI sure as hell isn’t even close to NEMO!  geesh 😉
  • Before Emberly goes in her crib at night, I like to rock her for a bit and sing to her. She has now gotten to the point where she’ll walk in to her room, point to the chair and say, “roc, Roc!” Which is adorable, but she hasn’t grasped the concept of K. I know the English language is a little skewed, I think the whole silent ‘k’ in ‘knife’ is really throwing her off. That poor poor child. Will she ever learn?

I think that’s enough for now. I totally just bummed myself out by realizing how little my 18 month old actually knows. Shouldn’t she be reading Hamlet by now?!


2 Responses to “Let’s move on to something happier, shall we?”

  1. tracey August 21, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

    You turkey.

    Actually, at 18 months, she COULD be ready to poop train, if nothing else. It was WONDERFUL when my daughter took that initiative. I think it has a lot to do with the cloth diapers, actually. That and being a GENIUS.


    • insertwittytitleheremomstired August 23, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

      Naturally she’s a genius. Hello! I’m her mom. She attempted the “poopy” thing twice more this weekend. She was just gassy. That’s fun, hugging your daughter tight so she has some leverage on the big toilet and having nothing but gas fumes inhabit the air.
      On a related note, I’m picking up my niece’s princess potty tonight so Emberly can sit on her own thrown.

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