Hoarders Light?

2 Sep

Do you think the companies that help out on the show Hoarders are willing to help us mini-hoarders? I know I don’t have dead animal carcasses under heaps of crap, although there may be a cricket or two that fell victim to boxes of crap. I think that the clutter in my house is definitely impacting the clutter going on in my brain. I feel surrounded, like I’m drowning with no real rope that can pull me to safety. Where do I begin? Do I start cleaning? But where? Do I go back on medication? But how much? It’s just an endless cycle of pepping myself up only to fall back into the abyss of not knowing how to start.
I just need a “crew.” 3-4 people should work. I need strangers who don’t know me. Strangers whose judgment won’t get passed on to people I know. I just need everything to be clean. My house, my brain, my life. It doesn’t help that he thinks I’m lazy since our house easily gets cluttered. Never mind we have an 18 month old who likes to explore and move everything. Never mind that he seems incapable of unpacking, putting clothes away, or even hitting the hamper with his dirty laundry. No, the house and clutter is all my fault. Of course I’m the one holding on to the moldy clothes his father used to wear that we’ve been schlepping around for over 7 years.
The motivation does come around, usually when I’m home alone. However, that’s when my brain gets in the way. I see something that sparks a memory, a bad memory. That washes away any motivation I had. It makes me angry and pissed that I’m the one cleaning up this mess in closets that was caused by a drunken fit a few years ago. Why does it feel like I’m the only one always left to pick up the pieces?
Does Hoarders have a crew for me?


2 Responses to “Hoarders Light?”

  1. tracey September 4, 2010 at 11:00 am #

    I wish that I could come and help. I’d definitely be gung ho for pitching crap. But since I can’t, can I give my advice from years of clearing out crap? (Not that my house is clean right now. But that will change in the next few weeks. It’s fall cleaning time!)

    If you have spare money (Ha! SPARE money. So funny.) that you are able to invest in storage bins, go out and buy several (like, 10) bins that are the same size and stackable. Label a few with “man’s sentimental stuff to sort” and “my sentimental stuff to sort” and just go to town. Have a pile for donations (make it big) and set up a pick up date for AmVets or something so that you have to have SOMETHING to donate. Just go to town on ONE ROOM. I suggest the room you can relax in and that the baby is in the least so you can maintain it easier. Hopefully, it’s also the least messy room right now so you can check off a room from your list of rooms to clean. The next room to clean (IMHO) is the room that your child plays in the MOST. Clean out all toys that are duplicates, broken, etc. Really, they all have too much! DONATE! Sell if you want to, but put it in bins marked as such and get it out to the garage or a storage facility so you aren’t weighed down by it everyday.

    I hope you don’t mind my opinions. It’s just that I’ve been trying to manage staying on top of the mess that children naturally bring with them and this is what works for me. My goal is to empty and clean the room I am in right now (office/living room/school room) so that I can write in peace. The next rooms will be the kids’ rooms which are overrun with clothing in boxes that doesn’t fit them anymore. Ugh. I hate the clothing process… Every freaking season.

    • insertwittytitleheremomstired September 7, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

      That’s a brilliant idea. I need to just get a few containers and whatever doesn’t fit in those gets thrown away. That’s what one of my friends just did with her garage.
      And I LOVE your suggestions. It’s so much easier to take them from you than my annoying MIL! 😀

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