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As one may have inferred from the last post…

30 Jun

We are in the process of trying to procreate with #2. There has to be a better way to refer to the second child. All I can ever think about with #2 is, well, you know, going #2. I’d hate to think about if we ever tried for #3!

I have recently had my Mirena removed. That was a sad day. I really enjoyed that form of birth control. But alas, if I want something growing up in there, there can only really be one thing shoved up in there. My concern with removing the Mirena, as was my concern when stopping bcp, was how long it would take my body to remember what it’s supposed to do. I may have mentioned it before on this glorious blog, but it took us 18 months to conceive Emberly. I am really praying this time it takes no more than half that time.

Since stopping the Mirena, I’ve had two periods. First cycle, exactly 28 days. Second cycle, 27. This gives me great hope that we *may* be able to get it figured out quickly this time. Apparently B and I are really good at practicing, but not great with follow through to game time. Now I just need to decide how truly soon we want this to happen (as if we really have any say in it minus the Chlomid). The upside to waiting 6 months before interventions, as per my doc, is that if we conceive after October, this child will continue in the legacy of having one in each grade for 6 years straight on my side of the family. For example, when Niece #1 is a Senior, E will be a Junior, Niece #2 (hehe) will be a Sophomore, Niece #3 will be a Freshman, Niece #3’s little bro/sis (TBD Dec 2011) will be in 8th grade, leaving our number 2 😀 in 7th. It’s all about timing. and shit, how much fun will our lives be once they all hit school. Let’s pray my children are hermits who prefer not to engage in extracurricular activities.

Double bonus for not conceiving this cycle, baby may not have appreciated the 4 day camping bender involving countless beer bongs from the keg.