5 years

8 Aug

We did it! We’ve now officially been married for half of a decade! Woot woot. While it definitely has not been all roses, we’ve made it through the countless ups and downs thrown at us and survived. Stronger.

Many things have changed in the years we’ve been together. Our ages continue to creep up while other body parts have started their descent. Our vacations no longer span countries or take us high in to the air.

Vacations now either require a pull-out couch or grandparents willing to watch Embers.* (photo courtesy of Angela with The Vintage Cupcake Photography photoshoot details to follow).

But none of that matters. No matter who’s standing in frontOr if we’re side by side

No matter what, we will continue on together as one family. United.

(photo courtesy of Angela)

Happy anniversary babe! Here’s to countless more years of ups and downs. I love you, even if you do continually beat me at Yahtzee!


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