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The annoying thing about digital

11 Nov

Pregnancy tests, that is. I’m not going to rant about other wonderful types of technology.
Anyway, the annoying thing about digital pregnancy tests is that you only have two options for results: Pregnant and NOT Pregnant.
I know what you’re thinking, “um, that’s how all tests are Amanda. Only two possible outcomes.” But you’re wrong. Boy are you wrong. You see, with a standard +/- test you not only get the Positive or Negative options, but you get a third amazing option: the option of wasting hour upon hour of detective work. You get to analyze every particle in the window searching, begging for a fleck of blue (or pink depending on your test) in that illustrious | part of the +. Sure it *looks* negative, but those damn second lines can be fickle, only appearing when they’re good and ready. Yes, with a non-digital pregnancy test, you get to rival the skills of Sherlock Holmes looking for the answer that in your heart you truly want.
But no, some jackass thought it would be so cool to try the digital test.

In COMPLETELY unrelated news, to the point where I feel horrible posting this in the same blog post but you know by now I’m too lazy to do two separate posts:
I want to personally thank all of the veterans, young, old, past, present, and future, along with their families, for their bravery, sacrifice, and dedication in protecting our freedom. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for all that every single one of you do.
I hope all of those who are graced with the day off of work take some time today to reflect on what this holiday is truly about.