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Decking the halls…or half the tree

23 Dec

After waiting what felt like weeks for Britt to finally move his luggage from his hunting trip (mind you, he never did. I just moved it downstairs and out of the way. I’m sure it would be next fall before he finally unpacked!) I decided it was time to put up the tree. I was sure to bring all of the needed supplies down from the attic while Britt was away. I could not have him impeding on my decorating! I had just finished watching 4 hours of Hallmark Christmas movies, I was in the zone.

I had successfully set up and lit the tree and was beginning the tedious task of unwrapping all of the ornaments. The tree was going to be gorgeous. Then it started. The questions.

“Mom? What’s this one?”

“Mom? Where’d you get this one?”

“What does this one say?”

“Um, Canoe! It just says Canoe.” Oy, thank god she can’t read yet. AND a special thank you to my good friend Devon @MamaCheaps for giving me this conversation starter. I can’t wait for the day when Emberly asks, “Mom, what’s a douche?”

“Is this one mine?”

“Where does this go?”

“Can I help?”

Well sure. I’m obviously not in my right mind and think that her helping is a GRAND idea. Hell, it will keep her busy while I finish up the actual decorating.

So smart, I am. ::eye roll::

The first few ornaments were proving to be unsuccessful. “mom, this one goes right here.” on the branch right next to the ornament placed before it. Attempting several times to teach Emberly about symmetry and spacing, I gave up. And so our tree looks like this:

When Britt returned home, he asked me if we were going to “fix” the tree. It looks perfect to me!