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Shot to the heart and my ovaries are to blame.

20 Apr

Driving home from picking Emberly up from daycare last night:

Emberly: “Mom, why am I only one kid?”

Mom: “What do you mean?”

E: “Why am I just one kid?”

M: “Well, who’s not one kid?”

E: “Like, when Jade’s with me. Jade and me are two kids.”

M: “Right, but Jade’s only one kid.”

E: “But how come I’m only one kid and no one sits by me” pointing over to the seat next to her in the car where her cousins sit when riding with us.

M: “Oh, you mean you want someone to sit in the back with you?”

E: “Yes!”

M: “Do you mean you want a baby brother or a baby sister?”

E: “Yes Mommy! I want a baby brother or sister. I want a baby brother so he can sit here with me.”

M: “Oh, okay.”

E: “Why don’t I have a little brother? Can I have a little brother to play with me?”

M: “Sure Emberly. Mommy and Daddy will see what we can do to get you a little brother or sister.”

E: “Okay. Thanks Mommy.”

Not exactly sure how you explain infertility to a three year old.