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Clothes can be exciting

29 Jun

Recently, Emberly received a new shirt in the mail, courtesy of the ever so gracious Rach257, after she heard of my dilemma living in the middle of nowhere with access to NO good clothing stores.

That’s right, after almost a year of trying for #2, we were successful on the first month taking Metformin. We’re still not out of the woods, a few weeks shy of finishing the first trimester. I know most people wait to say anything, and it’s a miracle I’ve waited this long, but we heard the heartbeat yesterday at my monthly appointment. And you know what? If something is going to happen, I’m going to need my bloggy friends’ support to make it through. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. For now, we’re just going to continue to be happy that Emberly will have a little brother or sister come the middle of January 2013. NEXT YEAR. God that feels forever away.

For those of you still fighting the good fight, continue on and know that I’ll be your biggest support through the tough times and the two line times.

Sometimes you are actually doing things right.

19 Jun

Last night before B got home, I was preparing dinner while Emberly watched a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She was reaching for a blanket on the back of the couch, because apparently being in a 72 degree air conditioned living room during a 103 degree day outside was just too cold for her. As she was pulling the blanket down, she unexpectedly crashed backwards onto the floor. Immediate breakdown. Crying, sobbing, wailing.

I picked her up, gave her a hug and asked if she was okay. Of course she wasn’t. I asked if she was hurt or just scared. Naturally, both, although I’m still unsure of what was hurting besides her ego. I put her back on the couch and told her I hoped she was doing better because this was a new Clubhouse!

Red faced, but now laying on the couch under her blankie, she says, “Thank you!”


“Thank you mommy. Thank you for recording the new Mickey for me!”

And even though some may judge me for letting her watch tv a little too much, at that moment, I felt like I was doing things right.

We all need those moments, hopefully more frequently than not, where we feel like we’re actually doing a good job raising our children to be kind, thoughtful, polite individuals.