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A hard lesson learned

16 Jul

Jackson was a great dog. Sure he wasn’t the brightest.

Even with that adorable look, he could still be a little shit, loving to dig more than his Husky brother, Hoss.

But he was ours and we loved him. Even after we moved him from being our house dog to being our work dog, he was still happy and loving. It was impossible to move an inch at the office without him getting up to tag along. It became a game with he and B. See how often Jackson could get comfortable before you move and get him to follow. An endless game of follow the leader. He was very adventurous and loved being out in the fresh air investigating his new playground. Unfortunately he went beyond his playground this weekend and was hit by a car.

The second hardest part after having to see him lying along side the road motionless, was having to tell Emberly that her friend was no longer going to be there for her to check on and play with.

He was a great friend and a good big brother.

You will be missed deeply, but have served an even greater purpose. You are a constant reminder to Emberly, whenever she asks why she can’t see you anymore, that it is never safe to play in streets.

We love you Jacks.