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It’s a Christmas Day Miracle

21 Dec

I don’t know if it has to do with the holiday season, the end of me being on-call until at least mid-April or the impending Mayan apocalypse but…

I think I’m finally okay and ready for this baby to come!

Now I just need to finish my to-do list. I finally watched some instructional videos on how to fix the clothe diapers and I’m feeling pretty confident. But emotionally, I think I’m finally ready. We have it narrowed down to two names/three name combinations, so that’s a plus. Of course, I’m still open to suggestions.

Let’s enjoy this actual moment of happi/content-ness. Everyone come over! Emberly’s getting sugar cookie mix with a snow man cookie cutter in her stocking from the elves tomorrow. She can wait on us while you help me finish up the list!

My twelve days of Christmas

13 Dec

To get this blog in to the Christmas spirit, I figured I’d take some time from perusing random gifts online to share with you twelve “gifts” in my life at this point. Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about how great everything is, it’s more of a place to count down some of the stuff that’s been going on. Enjoy. (Also, no ‘true love’ gave me all of this sh*t. Let’s just stop that over-romanticized commercialization of fantasy love end right here 😉 )

12 loads of laundry. (thanks to my awesome sis for giving me 7 boxes/bags of hand me down boy clothes)

11 to-do items (left to do before the baby arrives)

10 more videos to upload from my phone! (Trying to get that accomplished before Emberly’s Christmas concert…TONIGHT! Hurry up YouTube!)

9 times I use the restroom(per two hour time frame)

8 blog posts in my head (half started but no where near completed)

7 tabs open on my Firefox (Let’s consider it multi-tasking, shall we?)

6 pounds gained since last two week appointment (oopsies. You know it’s not great when the doc asks, “What happened?!”)

5 weeks left til my due date! (Holy f*ck)

4 diapers that need replaced (While I’m not huge in to gender stereotypes, I can’t bring myself to put the pink clothe diapers on to my son’s bottom.)

3 nights of on-call left! (tell maternity leave mother f*ckers! End date of maternity leave from on-call position TBD)

2 more family members for which to buy (most likely going to be gift certificates. I’m unique and thoughtful like that)

1 boy’s name to decide on! (yeah, no rush. Hopefully this kid is named before we leave the hospital)

What’s going on in your world? Wanna help me with my things?!