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Emberly’s 4th

27 Feb



On the 15th of this month, my baby girl turned 4. In honor of that milestone, I decided to start asking her questions each year on her birthday. This is our inaugural year. Many bloggers have done this. The template of questions I used I found from pinterest and they are originally from Erin. I had issues getting the template to download correctly, so I just retyped the questions and Emberly’s answers below. Enjoy!

How old are you?     Four

What is your favorite color?     Pink

What is your favorite animal?     A Horse 

What is your favorite book?     Max and Cat (more widely known as “The Cat in the Hat”)

What is your favorite movie?     The Lorax

What is your favorite song?     Twinke, Twinkle Little Star (Although I’m quite amazed that beat out ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz)

What is your favorite food?     Macaroni and Cheese

What is your favorite drink?     Water

What is your favorite breakfast food?     Pancakes

What is your favorite snack?     Pears

What is your favorite outfit?     My pink Seattle heart shirt that daddy gave me.    

What is your favorite game?     The driving game (her new SmartCycle she received for her birthday)

What is your favorite toy?     My Mickey Mouse game where you have to find the stuff (a Mickey Mouse box set that has hidden objects and pictures with differences you have to point out)     

Who is your best friend?     Jade (her cousin)

What is your favorite thing to do?     Go get donuts

What is your favorite thing to do outside?     Swim in the swimming pool.

What is your favorite holiday?     Halloween. I can eat all that candy. gulp gulp gulp. and then I burp it out.

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?     My Tacomas and my blanket

Where is your favorite place to go?     The swimming pool!

What is your favorite restaurant?      The baby Mexican restaurant. (our local Mexican restaurant has a picture of a man sitting down with a huge sombrero on his head. She thinks it’s a baby.)

Where do you want to go on vacation?     To Denver like where that motel is where we went for two nights. (oh to be so easily pleased.)

What do you want to be when you grow up?     A Ballerina

What did you do on your birthday?     I played on my cycle game. I gave treats to everyone at school. I played at Heather’s with Jade and gave out treats. We went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant.

Happy birthday, Emberlou. I love you more than you’ll ever know. We’ve had an amazing year full of adventures, trials and triumphs. Here’s to another year full of memories. Your strong will will get you to more places than others. It’s one thing I love about you, even when you’re using that will to test your limits with your father and me. You have been such an amazing big sister from the get to. Trenton is definitely lucky to have you as his big sister.

You are my heart and we share many similarities…not all of which am I proud. But you are you and that is all I can ask for. You are amazing and will accomplish anything you put your mind to. Stay strong, stay brave, stay you. Always.

I love you Buster! Happy 4th birthday.