I had high expectations…

16 Apr

I thought returning to work would give me ample time to dust of this here blog.

But then I had to catch up on what everyone else wrote.

I was (am) so excited to share T’s birth story

But then I had actual work to do! (The horror! Ridic.)

I was going to start putting little Emberly-isms up this week

But then Candy Crush Saga happened.

My life, as we know it, is ceasing to exist. If you need me, feel free to send me a life (not necessarily a real one, just one on the game.)

I’ll see you all on the other side. I only have 298 more levels to pass.

I may have announced to my coworkers (all of whom are currently addicted. We’re not getting much accomplished “work” wise but we’re bonding…or some BS like that) when I hit level 51 and the damn chocolate started multiplying, “Shit just got real guys!”

I’ll blog soon…maybe…next time I run out of lives.


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